Linguistic considerations

The words behind our vision

According to our vision, we are here to discover a strain of unprecedented consciousness. This phrasing is not a coincidence. We think of our work similarly to that of a mathematician making discoveries. And of course, we do not yet know what we will find, just that we are set out to encounter unprecedented consciousness. We are looking for the path that takes us there.

In addition to 'strain', the terms 'entity', 'living being', 'being', and 'organism' are also appropritate in this regard. They of course 'come into existence', 'come into being'; we do not 'create' them.

Circular definitions

It is worth mentioning that words such as artificial, biological, man-made, natural, machine, organic, inorganic, creature and the like essentially rely on each other in terms of their definitions.

'Smooth' instead of 'natural'

Unlike the everyday sense of the word, the scientific meaning of natural includes man-made and not just non-artificial things.

To avoid the uncomfortable ambiguity arising from the apparent lack of distinguishability related to the terms natural and artificial, we try to forego using them as much as possible.

Since natural also can refer to something “of or in agreement with the character or makeup of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something” [Lexico], whenever possible, we are using the word smooth to convey a similar meaning “(of an action, event, or process) without problems or difficulties” [Lexico].