Research at FINAL Labs™

Our research is primarily focused on strong AI in the sense of consciousness or sentience, and fluid intelligence as the problem-solving ability independent of previously encountered examples. Our approach does not treat 'human level' with any special significance in relation to intelligence, and we approach consciousness as a characteristic applicable to entities of different species in a varying degree. Neither of these traits are regarded as exclusive to humans.

Linguistic considerations

Open-mindedly approaching seemingly straightforward matters such as What is artificial?, What is natural?, What would motivate a machine?, or even What is a machine? opens up an entire universe of insights and discoveries.

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The Fluid Intelligence Project

Fluid Intelligence Mood

Our Fluid Intelligence Project is currently aiming at a computer-based development (simulation) of artificial fluid intelligence using conventional means of hardware and software.

We postulate that a current-day general computer environment is not ideally suited for the manifestation of intelligence. Therefore, a longer-term research objective is to identify a dedicated medium better suited for hosting such intelligence.

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Defining life, defining sentience

In order to be able to better direct our work and assess our progress, we have given careful thought to what 'life' is and how we can go about identifying it when encountering previously unprecedented strains. We believe that this should be a general starting point for any such kind of research. As Seneca phrased this, 'If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable'.

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