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BriviCube™ logo

This logo based on a red PNG Designed By Heyhams from

The BriviCube™ Logo

FINAL Labs™ Logo

The FINAL Labs™ logo is a stylised version of the so called Kanizsa-square, an optical illusion devised by Italian psychologist Gaetano Kanizsa. The reason of this choice is obvious: this very real square is brought into existence by the mind.

FINAL Labs™ logo: a Kanizsa Square

Fluid Intelligence Mood

This mood image is based on Richard Horvath's work.

Fluid Intelligence Mood

HdBitset™ logo

This logo based on Dynamic Wang's work.

The HdBitset™ Logo

Mockity™ Logo

The Mockity™ logo is via and resonates with the insights and clarity provided by Mockity™, our discontinued testing and mocking helper class for Microsoft Visual Studio C++.

The Mockity™ Logo

NeuBit™ logo

The logo is via

The NeuBit Logo

Protogonus™ logo

The logo is via

The Protogonus Logo

Website template

The template of the website we use is called Landed and was designed by HTML5 UP and was released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. We made a few amendments of our own, primarily related to the colour selection and the fonts used.


The photos we use are free of charge and were sourced from The talented artists making them available are:

unsplash-logo Daniel von Appen unsplash-logo Drew Beamer unsplash-logo Donald Giannatti unsplash-logo Drew Graham unsplash-logo Damon Leverett unsplash-logo Sincerely Media

Other elements

There are many additional elements of this website that originate from various other sources with all copyrights respected. To name but a few:

Should you believe that we have omitted you from this list, please feel free to contact us to let us know - thank you.