Dev Projects at FINAL Labs™

Our research activities rely on an ample variety of software tools, software-based experiments and simulations. To make our work easier, we have implemented a few auxiliary software and tools.

The Fluid IQ Gym for Humans

Our Fluid IQ Gym for Humans provides a sequence of patterns governed by changing rules. It's purpose is to visualise the evolution of the challenges generated automatically as inputs for our fluid IQ research.


HdBitset is a Hyperdimensional Bitset wrapper for the standard C++ bitset with parallel processing in mind, published under the MIT license. Hyperdimensional computing uses relatively large vectors (HdBitset defaults to 10048 bits) to encode data in a non-correlated manner.

The HdBitset Logo

Protogonus: The FINAL Labs™ HPC Cluster

Protogonus is our Beowulf cluster used for preparing, debugging and inspecting various parallel applications that use MPI. Our Protogonus microsite presents our construction journal and resources for building a Beowulf cluster together with step-by-step instructions.

The Protogonus Logo

Mockity™ [discontinued project]

One of our tools, made available to the wider audience under the MIT License, is Mockity™, a C++ test helper class for Microsoft Visual Studio that helps us in inspecting classes and creating mocks.

The project is discontinued on our end and we have moved to a Catch2-based testing. Mockity™ codes are available on Github.

The Mockity Logo