Ethics guidelines

FINAL™ Neural Architecture Laboratories (or “FINAL Labs™”) is an unregistered and loosely coordinated group of independent scientists engaged in strong AI and related re-search.

This document outlines the ethics guidelines governing our research and activities. Its latest version is always available on our website at

Discovery, not creation

We do not create life, nor sentience.

While the entities we are set out to find might not currently exist, by no means do we mean that we want to ‘create’ them. We think of our work similarly to that of a mathematician making discoveries. While we do not yet know what we will find, we are simply looking for paths on which we can encounter unprecedented consciousness.

Dignity to life & consciousness

We respect the inherent value of all entities and any form of unprecedented strain of con-sciousness we encounter.

We treat all forms of life and consciousness involved in our research with respect and dig-nity, including our interactions with any entities during our research.

Impact & safety

An impact assessment is carried out related to each respective research project of FINAL™ Neural Architecture Laboratories. This assesses the potential societal, ethical, and philo-sophical impacts of the research project.

Findings that might influence our understanding of consciousness itself is discussed and evaluated.

Safety measures are established, maintained, and updated prior to and during each re-search project aiming at exploring consciousness and discovering unprecedented con-sciousness. The aim of these measures is to prevent harmful consequences to the discov-ered consciousness, other research participants, and the world at large.

Potential long-term effects and implications of our research on society, ethics, and the field of consciousness studies are discussed and considered on an ongoing basis.

Collaboration & transparency

We encourage collaboration with experts in various fields, including philosophy, ethics, and sociology, to ensure a well-rounded approach to the study of the consciousness our research aims to discover.

To foster a broader understanding of the ethical underpinnings of our research and the transparency and visibility of our findings, we engage with the public on multiple channels, including but not limited to our websites, bulletins, social media, and other channels, as well as any public-facing channels of our individual researchers.

Whenever we make available the details of our research processes and methodologies, we do so transparently. This includes sharing information about data sources, algorithms, and any potential biases in the respective research.

No interference

No third parties have a say in the direction of the research nor the ways our research is carried out.

Observing applicable laws

The research conducted by FINAL Lab™ remains compliant with legal regulations and standards, providing a solid foundation for ethical conduct within the bounds of the law.

We observe all governing laws protecting the privacy and respective sensitive data of re-search participants throughout the research process.

All research participants are offered an informed choice, as dictated by applicable laws.

We observe copyright laws concerning the resources deployed in advancing our research projects.

Review and adaptation

These ethics guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis and are adapted to the evolving ethical considerations and technologies arising as a result of our research or otherwise.

Dated 2 October 2023.